Pema Lingpa Treasure Vajrayana Buddhist Center
directed by His Holiness Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche

1050 Finlayson Street, Victoria, B.C.

Lopon Sang-ngag Yeshe
Lopon Sang-ngag Yeshe
Our teacher is resident in Victoria
The weekly and monthly practices at 1050 Finlayson Street, Vicotria BC:
•  Guru Rinpoche Tsok

•  Dakini Tsok

•  Chod Practice

•  Amitayuus Practice

•  Tranquility Meditation in Fairfield call  250.883.8840  or  778.977.0504

•  Medicine Buddha

•  Tara Meditation

•  Amitabha Meditation

•  Buddha Sakyamuni Tsok

•  Mahakala Protector practice

For events and the schedule of Tsoks see the monthly calendar
Monthly schedule of teachings and practices

Teachings and meditation practices are offered to all by donation:
It is through the generosity and support of participants that the Pema Lingpa Society is able to maintain the center and its resident lama, and to offer study and practice programs in Buddhist meditation. Charitable donation tax receipts are provided for monthly membership donations.

Suggested Donation for Drop In Meditation and Practice $10
Thank you for your generosity and support.
  for 1050 Finlayson no parking on Finlayson only on side streets.

Learning How to Meditate
Physical action may be either positive or negative. When we say something, it can have good or bad results. With words and actions we can see tangible results, but with thoughts there is no concrete action expressed. The mind, however, initially determines all of our physical and verbal actions, because whatever we do, there is thought behind it. When that thought is positive, the actions that follow are positive; when that thought is negative, the actions that follow are negative.
We change what we do by changing the way we think.
Meditation helps us in using our mind in a more concentrated and focused way. What is troubling the mind can be removed with meditation, so our mind can exist in its purity. If our mind is distracted, we can learn to focus it through meditation and change bad habits into good habits.
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Lopon Sang-ngag Yeshe
From the age of 12, Lopon Sang-ngag Yeshe received the traditional training of a Vajrayana Buddhist scholar, practitioner and teacher. Lopon Sangay first trained at the Drugpa Kargyud Monastic School in Zhemgang, and later at the Nyingmapa Buddhist University of Namdroling in Bylakuppe, India.
At the age of 28, he received full ordination as a monk and upon completion of his studies, he returned to Bhutan as Lopon, or Senior Instructor, at the Monastic Colleges in Zhemgang and Mongar, and later at the university at Gangteng Monastery. After completing a three-year retreat at Kunzang Choeling Hermitage, he held the post as Lopon at Orgyen Thegchog Choeling Monastic College near Trongsa in central Bhutan. Lopon is now the resident lama at Pema Lingpa Treasure Vajrayana Centre in Victoria, B.C.
Lopon has received empowerments, transmissions and teachings from many realized masters, including H.H. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, H.H. Penor Rinoche, Dodrub Chen Rinpoche, Khamtrul Rinpoche and his root guru, Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche, from whom he received the entirety of the Pema Lingpa lineage.
Basic lessons taught by Buddha are referred to as the Dharma. In their simplest expression, these teachings and practices see human birth as the basis or opportunity for awakening from a life of impermanence and suffering and that which is governed by karma--the natural law of cause and effect. Students learn pure intention in meditation and purification practices and gain insight into how to benefit all living beings through their actions. There are practices to purify the mind stream to be free of obstacles and obscurations and cultivation of merit to help offset any negative karma and to realize the actual, awakened nature of our own mind.
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